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Saving Money: I’ve Switched To Verizon

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I’ve been a happy Comcast, or Xfinity, or what ever the hell it is customer for almost two years now.  The thing is, now with being a young home owner I’m not seeing my savings grow as I used to, which I expected.  After doing some cutting back on going out and useless spending we made a few cuts.

Netflix is gone.  Since the pay hike it just wasn’t worth it for me.  I’ve gone from paying $24 a month to $1.30 a month on the one DVD I actually watch in the month from Redbox.  I highly recommend it for people who are too busy to watch movies constantly.

WeightWatchers is Gone.  I was using that, or I should say barely using it.  I just need to lay off the chocolate and get into the gym a few times a week.  For 2 people $36 a Month Saved.

Comcast is gone.  I had everything.  Everything I didn’t need.  All movie channels, extra programming channels like Sports, and Oxygen and other crap I don’t watch, HD DVR, some other acronym and Internet and phone.  $169 a month.  Woof.  Then as my package ran out, I was at$210 a month.  WTH!

I tried calling to work my bill lower, getting rid of all extras HD the DVR, the movie channels except Showtime as I love the crap out of Dexter.  I wanted to get to $120 a month and I would be happy.  The best package they could get me into was $165 a month with everything but Showtime gone, or they could lock me back in with everything at the promotional price of $169 a month.  Well that was a no braininer, why would I give everything up for $4?

At that point, Verizon had a deal going for all three services with HD for $79 a month.  I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Verizon but at this point I”m saving about $80 a month.  I made the switch, the tech came out, I’m up and running and I’m pretty happy.

Canceling with Comcast was easy and they were nice, however even when canceling they didn’t work with me to get a price I could settle for which was very surprising.  I didn’t talk to anyone switching to Verizon which seemed weird, but I did everything online.  My internet connectivity is a little slower but if I want to upgrade it later I can.  I’m saving almost $2,000 a year now with those and other cut backs on things I really never needed.   It was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be.  Plus I’ll see a $300 gift card from Verizon as long as I stay on for 3 months.

This is the first time I’m doing this but I’ve found myself to be pretty decent with short term financial planning outside of investments.  Have any questions you would like to throw at me?


My Rants

Taxes Are Fair, Your Credit Sucks, Why Should I Care?

Something you learn early on in life is money doesn’t buy happiness, but it makes the world go round, puts food on your table, and gets your kids through college so they can go make more money that wont make them happy.  All I know is I’ve never seen a homeless man smile.  Sure money doesn’t make you happy but it sure as hell makes life easier to deal with.

Second is Credit.  You need good credit!  If you don’t then it doesn’t matter what money you have.  Liquid assets matter, and if you don’t have money, you most likely don’t have the assets.  Here’s a question though, why do I need good credit, when the government that I pay taxes to and defines with the banks what credit should be, has the worst credit compared to anyone in the country.  Can you get a mortgage with a trillion dollar debt looking over you?

Anyway, this rant isn’t about the government doing things wrong.  Sure there are changes that can be made but I am proud to live in a country that lets me be as free as I am even though I feel like I get taxed to all hell for it.  This is about how shit works.  Let’s say I have a great paying job.  This job pays me enough to pay for a mortgage, get a membership at a golf club, have a very nice sports car, and go out to eat 5 times a week.  Life is good.  Now, my car insurance goes up 50%, dinner is getting more expensive and I left a huge divit at my country club I need to pay for landscaping.

If I went to my boss and told them I need more money because my flashy over the top car is getting to expensive, I’m racking up bills with dinner and I have a terrible golf game so I need lessons I would get a strange face and most likely be told I need to re-evaluate my spending and learn to live within my means.

Which is what this government needs to do.  Sure, 54% of americans say taxes are fair, and at this point I agree myself, against the 46% that say the rent’s too damn high.  28% of…we’ll call them special people, think taxes are not high enough.


62% Favor cutting government services, which is where I place myself.  People are all gung-ho about not cutting services and to be honest I don’t want to either, but you know what, too many people are taking advantage of them.  40% of americans do not pay tax, and as someone who has been working since he was 14 I’m kind of sick of paying for the lazy ones.  If we can’t afford it then we can’t do it.  It’s honestly simple math.  I’m not saying cutting for good, we need to make cuts where it matters long enough to pull ourselves back out and when things get good again we can start re-instating these services.

Dear Government,

I’m proud to be an american and I’m happy to contribute to helping this country but I’m running out of money for you and my job wont give me any more for you to take right now.  Please find the money elsewhere.