My Rants

What The Hell Have You Been Doing?

So if you can’t tell I’ve really been neglecting my blog.  I know, I’m sorry Mom.  (I know your the only one who reads it anyway.)  I’ve just been crazy busy with work.  A lot has gone on and the problem is I never seem to have my camera on me anymore.  Well some of the major things that have changed are my skin.  I now has my first tattoo.  I’ve had it for about a month but I haven’t posted.  I also bought a motor cycle.  When it hasn’t been raining and I”m not working, I’m on that.  I have a lot to catch up on so it is a must that I bring my camera out this weekend.  Plus I have a Sox game with Greg on Friday.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time set aside.  But until then I’ll try my best.