Why I Unsubscribe From Newsletters and Give Up On Some People

I registered for Fab.com’s newsletters forever ago.  It was something new and I thought it would be interesting.  Granted nothing I’ve seen really is my style but I’m sure there is a huge market for them besides people like me.  Either way I’ve unsubscribed.  Not because it’s product and clothes that are not appealing to me.  It’s because of this absolutely God awful, ridiculous, piece of shit hat they have the balls to charge over $200 for.  Now I don’t follow fashion, because I quite frankly couldn’t care any less about it, but is this appealing to anyone in any way?  If so, please comment, then walk into oncoming traffic….for fashions sake.

Gold and Silber

Gold and Black

Stupid Hats

Go To College!

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Missed out on College? Well now you can go back and get a degree in as little as two years! All you need to do is know the state your are in and how to do the worm and your golden! Irish need not apply……and yes I am Irish too.