My Rants

Whachu Beanupto

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post.  Sorry to be all procrastinating but I think my Mom is the only one who reads this anyway.  I’ve been very busy over the past few weeks.  Lets see what I’ve done.  I’ve replaced my headlights:


I’ve gone to the junkyard for parts to help a friend fix a car:


My 4th gen iPod had died and I was able to recover it:


And here is the kicker.  Greg and I have been actively working on a project.  We are looking to put some time into a live show.  We have been gathering material to talk about and we’re working with a new application called Wirecast.  Wirecast runs on both Mac or PC and allows you to take any webcam connected to the computer and broadcast that out over a stream.  You can toggle between cameras, do picture in picture and do all crazy things on the fly. Yes I know the aspect ratios are wrong. Get over it, it was a test. You can watch this video of me making an ass of myself.  You can stick around for a longer one after.

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