My Rants

Grilling Monstrosity


This thing is a beast.  If you’re serious about grilling then go get your balls, 00 and move your ass over to  You could grill a grill grilling hamburgers on this thing it’s so huge.  (Cue Xzibit Meme)  You could bring this anywhere and make it a party.  Like a library or funeral or anything that it’s equally inappropriate to grill at.  Although this a pretty lavish grill, I sill like using my $25 portable gas grill.  Fits in my trunk and cooks pretty well.  problem is my trunk smells like nasty grease.  So if your looking to be the grill master or just be made fun of you should go blow the two grand on this guy.  Who doesn’t have $2,000 to throw around now a days?


Also if your looking to build one, download the assembly guide.

My Rants

This Doesn’t Look Right


Food never comes out the way it looks in the photo. I think I knew that before I could walk, but aside from that I feel like it should be relatively the same color. Past all my bitching these noodle bowls are actually pretty good. I was surprised too. Food has always been one of those things you should always go quality over quantity…although you can’t be blamed for buying the economy burrito packages at Costco. (Thats ‘s a BJ’s Wholesale Club for those of you….who don’t know what a Costco is.) Along with that I found this with @mrnorth at a Market Basket. So badly I want to try but the smart half of me knows this will end so badly.


I just want to microwave pancakes at my office. Yeah, that’s how I roll! Tonight I feast well though. @mrnorth, and @digthedoug and I are having a plane movie night. Yes, movies that involve flying. So far in the queue we have Air Force One, Conair, and Executive Decision. Steve Segals best movie!


The Lunch Box

I’ve been driving by this place for years, and finally this past Saturday MK and I got a lunch there.  Well I should say a breakfast.  Very cozy inside, and by cozy I do mean small but very nice.  The prices were really good too.  I spoke to the owner and this was an actual lunch car from the Worcester train yard. I ended up getting “The Lunch Box” which was a breakfast with two massive pancakes, eggs, bacon, homefries, and toast.  I couldn’t finish it all and it was all interchangeable with other meats or and sides.  This will be someplace I will go to again and I suggest you check it out.  You can find it here!

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