My Rants

Some Neighborhood Fireworks

Neighborhood Fireworks from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

Someone a few blocks over setting off fireworks last night. Pretty good!

My Rants

Welcome To Earth


On my way home from work yesterday I noticed the sky looked like one of the space ships from Independence Day was breaking through the clouds.  We’ll I’m really starting to get into my Canon Rebel.  Feel free to download a High Rez Here.

My Rants

Das Keyboard

Yes, it’s called Das Keyboard, and yes I have one, and why yes now that you ask my awesome girlfriend had bought it for me for Valentines Day.

No, not last year, for this year….2011!

Yes, I know it isn’t Valentines Day yet but she gave it to me early.

Well I wasn’t really going to have the chance to use it on Valentines Day so she figured I could at least get some use out of it now before I’m all sad for not being able to use it when I get it.

Well yes I know it’s just a keyboard but it’s Das Keyboard!

What’s Das Keyboard??? Why it’s the best thing Germany’s ever created besides Becks!

The tactile feel of the keyboard response is amazing! Why I could type on this thing all day.

Funny you should say that, there are purposely no markings on the keys!

No, you’re stupid, do you really need to look at a keyboard to type?

Yeah, well I guess if you’re as simple as you are I guess you would need the keys marked. I bet you don’t even know middle C on a piano!

Never Mind!

My Rants

Amazon Wants My Mom Back In The Kitchen

I just got this email today for Mothers Day Gift Ideas.

Apparently thinks my Mom needs to cook, bake, sew, sit, and stab more. What do you think?

My Rants

Independence Day Fireworks

Independence Day Fireworks 09 from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

For those of you who didn’t make it or who just want to watch more fireworks, you can watch the 45 minute show my family and neighbors did compressed into seven minutes.  About 40 people came out along with @eggshell, @starmusica and @mrnorth. Not bad for $300 split over a couple people.