My Rants

Bergeron’s Hat Trick Crowd Celebration

Bergeron of the Boston Bruins scored a Hat Trick at the Bruins Vs. Senators game on 1-11-11. Apparently everyone throws hats!

Bergeron’s Hat Trick Crowd Celebration from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

My Rants

Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup


Of course someone as amazing and cool as me went to the Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup (#roofup).  I mean, look at my picture above.  You can’t argue with those glasses.  Well past that, two bars upstairs, one inside one out, and great weather.  Mega high five to @sarahmerion for throwing this together.  I have no idea how many people showed up but it was jammed.  Some prizes were given away, along with an awesome supply of Kickass Cupcakes.  How do I know they are awesome?  Because they taste like sex in your face and like I said before, just look at my glasses…..ok, I stole the glasses from @timallard.  But thats not the point.


Got to do some drinking Greg (@mrnorth), Freedom (@apiguy), Matthew (@msmamet), Josh (@joshgan) and Tim (@timallard) and Bryan (@btweetz) who are not pictured.  Also got to meet a few pretty cool people like Rami (@rtaibah) and Mike (@schneidermike).  Wow there are a lot of links here.  You can see some other shots of the night by Steve Hall by clicking this: Boston Rooftop Tweetup.  I know I had a good night, how do I know?  Look at my tab!

Oh and the fun car ride home!  It was a nice sobering mile walk back to the car.