The Office Window Sky

An intimidating image of the storm from yesterday afternoon as it rolled into Town.
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More Crazy New England Weather

Unless you were under a rock, which was probably the only safe space to be in last night, you may have noticed we had some crazy weather.  Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail came rushing into New England around 5 PM last night.  My prayers go out to those who were hardest hit in Springfield.  Of course I’m the moron standing out in the rain with my new expensive camera taking photos.  I took 538 photographs, here are the three that were any good.

The Orange Sky
The Orange Sky

This image was not doctored, you can see the roof of my house is “true white.”  Crazy coloring outside.

Lighting In The Sky
The Storm Light Up The Sky
Lightning Bolt
The Bolt Behind The House
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My Trip To Maine and AHOP

Trip To Maine from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

This ain’t no stinkin’ IHOP.  I said AHOP damnit!  Erin, Steph, Greg and I were in Maine for Ashley and Ben’s wedding which was beautiful.  We stayed at the Senator Inn which was decent. But this isn’t about that.  This is about AHOP.  The Augusta House of Pancakes.  The service was nice and the food was great.  The bathrooms not so much.  Now you need to take the time to drive your ass up to the Augusta House Of Pancakes and get yourself a Macho Breakfast, unless you’re some pansy.  And if you are get off my site and go read some stupid Martha Stewart blog asscock!

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Baconation I Salute You


Bacon holds up on the claim that Foldgers Crystals does not. Bacon is always good to the last drop. It doesn’t matter how it’s cooked…or isnt, it’s always good. Take this bacon briefcase you see above. You know what I see up there. I see someone successful, I see someone established. Screw the leather, why make a briefcase from the hide of an animal, when you can make it from the insides! Bacon has so many uses, like eating…..I mean the uses are endless. You can even make other foods better by making it out of bacon. You can wrap anything in bacon making it almost 10 times more valuable. Someone needs to wrap the american dollar in bacon! Seriously if you don’t like bacon you’re just un-American. And we can’t have any of that.  And now a word from our sponsors.

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My Rants

An Exhibit of Xzibit being Exhibited in a Exhibit

A few months ago I was shown this…


Which made me roflcopter all over the place. I had no idea there were so many of these though. Which is why I have to share! No I didn’t make these, just Google image Xibit.

xibitexibitYeah betch! What’s in your Exhibit?

xibitbabyI found this one more creepy then funny.

xibitbikeI am sad there are no TV’s on the handlebars

xibitmathMy third favorite. If Math was this cool, I may have learned algebra! Instead I’m just a moron

Second Fav.

xibityoyoMy Number One. Just because its fun to say……yo!

Update 3/3/09 336P: Heres a blog that specializes in Xibit!

Update 3/3/09 602P: @digthedoug just sent this to me. Made me crack right up.