Does Someone Know Your Passwords? Viacom & Universal Hacked

Before you read this, if you have an account with Viacom or Universal Music, go change your password right now!  Looks like the #AntiSec run is still continuing.  As I’m writing this, more and more private information is being released to the wild.  What caught my attention was one of their latest releases for Viacom and Universal Music along with other content.

As I’ve had an account with Universal which included a credit card associated with it I decided to pull down the torrent to see what information was really in the files, and to see if I was actually listed in there.  The files are SQL database files, and even though I didn’t load them into a database I used a text editor to just look at the content unformatted.

After looking through about 6GB of SQL text I was unable to find any of my user information, which is great.  What isn’t great is the plethora of other user information in the files.

The file is filled with sweepstake run information, content catalogs and the really scary, usernames and passwords.  I was able to see a ton of potential usernames and passwords.

Here is what’s more scary;  I’m not a hacker.  I’m not a crazy computer programmer, however I was able to download information freely online that compromises thousands of user credentials.  This potentially gives me the opportunity to login to your account and purchase, download, or alter content or your user information.  Thankfully these companies don’t offer credit card information for people to pull just because they are in your account.  This does however give them the opportunity to buy things with it!

At this point, I’ve deleted the files from my system.  I’m not here to share user info.  I was just worried my user info was now available freely online.  I suggest you check in on your accounts and change those passwords.