Apple Keynote

I have a feeling I’m not the only person that can say they were a little disappointed with the latest Apple keynote.  Well I guess I can say I’m more than a little.  I’m very surprised that they released the eight core Mac Pro and new X-Servers last week with them knowing this is all they had to offer this week.

MacBook Air

 MacBook Air 


 Cute and compact I think this is a decent attempt to make a smaller more portable computer.  But not for $1,700 – $3,098.  If your going to spend that much you should get a real computer.  For a 1.6GHZ Duo Core 2, an 80 GIG drive with 2 GIG’s of ram I feel like I’m getting robbed.  This computer would possibly considerable if it were ≤ $1000.  Anything more than that and your throwing your money away.  For that price get a Macbook with a much faster processor, more storage and more ram.  I feel like this item falls next to the Apple TV.  A for effort, D for suck.  Bring this back home and do it over.


 Apple TV & Time Capsule


 I am a bit glad that they gave some attention to the Apple TV.  Finally making an interface to give it access to the iTunes store.  I’m not too impressed by their new movie rental service.  $5 for a new movie rental, and $4 for older movies.  Something like this isn’t going to take me away form Netflix, and if this was the case I would just go to Blockbuster and get the physical DVD.  

As for Time Capsule, I feel like this can go either way $500 for a 1TB wireless N access point isn’t so bad.  However something like this isn’t for me.  I’d rather just get a cheap external drive to make my Time Machine backups.  I rarely use wireless as it is.  


And that was it, really just leaving me disappointed.   I guess you can’t win them all.


Wrote A Song

So I got to write a song earlier this week for the company I’m working with. It’s not good nor bad. I’m feeling pretty confident for having it done in three hours. You can listen to it here.

First Official Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong Table

Now there is official gear to being an alcoholic. Featured on you can now be the proud owner of an official beer pong table. I’m a bit leery on this item. After you and your drunk buddies have been playing for a few hours this table will not suffice as a stable playing field. Good luck folding it back up when your smashed too. You can get one here.