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Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup


Of course someone as amazing and cool as me went to the Rattlesnake Rooftop Tweetup (#roofup).  I mean, look at my picture above.  You can’t argue with those glasses.  Well past that, two bars upstairs, one inside one out, and great weather.  Mega high five to @sarahmerion for throwing this together.  I have no idea how many people showed up but it was jammed.  Some prizes were given away, along with an awesome supply of Kickass Cupcakes.  How do I know they are awesome?  Because they taste like sex in your face and like I said before, just look at my glasses…..ok, I stole the glasses from @timallard.  But thats not the point.


Got to do some drinking Greg (@mrnorth), Freedom (@apiguy), Matthew (@msmamet), Josh (@joshgan) and Tim (@timallard) and Bryan (@btweetz) who are not pictured.  Also got to meet a few pretty cool people like Rami (@rtaibah) and Mike (@schneidermike).  Wow there are a lot of links here.  You can see some other shots of the night by Steve Hall by clicking this: Boston Rooftop Tweetup.  I know I had a good night, how do I know?  Look at my tab!

Oh and the fun car ride home!  It was a nice sobering mile walk back to the car.


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Be sure to mention that all the booze on that tab wasn’t just for you….because people might think you’re a drunk. I mean you are a drunk but let people find that out when they meet you in person.

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