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Ending Music

One Sunday a few weeks ago I stumbled into a song.  I thought it sounded good so I spent a couple hours setting up some mics and I put a rough mix together.  Although it’s far from perfect I’m happy with how it came out.  I still have a lot of work left on it but I feel this is a decent rough cut, especially for being recorded in a basement next to a water heater that was on at the time. 





  So in the song you might be able to count four guitar tracks and some drums.  I had to do the drums on a keyboard since I can’t afford a decent set and I don’t have the micing capabilities.  Surprisingly there is a lot of low end with no actual bass tracks.  Although the song is done with four guitar tracks I can play almost all of it in one take, I just wanted to get some good placement for the instruments.   

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