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Over 930 People Just Got Screwed Out Of $2.10 From Groupon

Mom always said “research what you’re buying!”  Well maybe she didn’t but it’s something that’s considered common sense however we’ve all neglected to do it ourselves.  I got an email today from Groupon for a remote controlled helicopter.

Groupon Helicopter

I bought one of these.  I bought one a while ago on Amazon for .99.  The copter is actually pretty good at flying.  A lot better than similar ones in the – range I’ve tried.  The helicopter is available on Amazon right now for .90 + Free Shipping.  You can get it here!  It just makes me wonder how many people had seen this and just went for it when it really wasn’t a deal.  I’ve purchased a few things through Groupon thinking it was a deal but when I see something like this it takes my confidence away from the company.  Not only is Groupon causing a lot of problems with some businesses, it’s posting deals that aren’t even deals!

Different merchant, same helicopter.  Have you bought a deal that wasn’t really a deal?

Amazon Syma Helicopter

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Are you sure the version is the real thing? Apparently these are faked quite a bit (read the reviews).

Hey Paul,

I know what you mean but I bought this back in September and it works great. Same model as they are advertising in Groupon. Plus the reviews on Amazon for it are pretty solid!


People are asking about Groupon, Google Deals, LivingSocial and the many other online deal sites in recent months because of their perceived ability to generate hundreds of leads for any type of business with little effort and low upfront costs. They seem to be the best online opportunity to generate sales. But savvy business owners are realizing that their financial and marketing interests and those of these social deals websites are not always in line with each other. Many early users of these sites have discovered that poor planning can turn an online offer through these sites into one of the biggest mistakes they make as a small business. *,

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