Mom always said “research what you’re buying!”  Well maybe she didn’t but it’s something that’s considered common sense however we’ve all neglected to do it ourselves.  I got an email today from Groupon for a remote controlled helicopter.

Groupon Helicopter

I bought one of these.  I bought one a while ago on Amazon for $24.99.  The copter is actually pretty good at flying.  A lot better than similar ones in the $30-$50 range I’ve tried.  The helicopter is available on Amazon right now for $26.90 + Free Shipping.  You can get it here!  It just makes me wonder how many people had seen this and just went for it when it really wasn’t a deal.  I’ve purchased a few things through Groupon thinking it was a deal but when I see something like this it takes my confidence away from the company.  Not only is Groupon causing a lot of problems with some businesses, it’s posting deals that aren’t even deals!

Different merchant, same helicopter.  Have you bought a deal that wasn’t really a deal?

Amazon Syma Helicopter