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4th Of July Party and Fireworks

So I had my first 4th of July party at the house and it was awesome. Had the keg tapped, music playing, the fire burning, the slip & slide running and I spent the day cooking and getting iced…..once by my Mom. I mean honestly, if you can’t trust your own Mom who can you trust? By the way, I hate Smirnoff Ice.

4th Of July Party from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

So the party was on the 3rd to be honest because I spent the 4th with my parents and friends lighting off fireworks as we have for the past 10 years. Great turn out this year too with about 40+people since we started with six people ten years ago. Our neighbors also bought some too which made the night all that much better. You can now watch the fireworks. We got these at Phantom Fireworks in Seabrook NH.

4th of July FireWorks from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

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