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Fireworks At The Pier

Elsa Is A Demon

Greg and Steph’s cat Elsa is a freaking demon and I have the footage to prove it. Obviously un-doctored in any way…

Sam Oktoberfest Now In Session

Mayank and I get to enjoy this seasons first Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. Yes it was delicious.

Watch Me Watching The Rain

Got time to waste? You can watch me filming the rain. Nothing really good happens, it’s just the rain. I do some crazy zooms. Thats about it.

Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups Are Here

Talk about a fun filled action packed few weeks for my relationship with Dunkin’ Donuts.  Last week my post on Dunkin’ Donuts making right from a mixup had gotten some traction.  Earlier this week I bought 10 shares of DNKN stock…(that is currently down $1.90).  Now Dunk’s has released their new K-Cup’s for Keurig brewing systems.  Erin awesomely bought me a box to try out and I’ll tell you they are awesome.  I’m not a huge fan of Green Mountain Coffee (which had a 15 point boost last thursday, GMCR) so these DNKN K-Cups are a new savior to my mornings.

Dunkin’s offers a few different Cups to choose from including Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Dark Roast, Decaf, and the original blend. They don’t have that sour kick you seem to get in a lot of Green Mountain flavors, however they are a bit lighter in blend like their standard store coffee’s. If you like Dunkin’ coffee then you will love these K-Cups, although you don’t have the DNKN staff to make it for you…unless you kidnap someone.

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